Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Are your glazed ceramic planters water proof?
    • Yes, they are.
  2. What is color variation?
    • The color variation has to be acceptable because are fired in dragon timber kiln so the temperature is alternated in each chamber make glaze is variation how variation of each colors visit at
  3. How many colors are available?
    • We have a broad color range for your choices and we welcome your colors that you want us to do. We continue to develop new colors every year.
  4. How colors are glazed planters for indoor?
    • The color is not much variation because normally they are fired in gas kiln, temperature is stable, visit glaze indoor
  5. Are hand painting planters for indoor?
    • Yes, they are.
  6. How many shapes, decoration are for hand painting category?
    • We offer many shapes, designs, different colors with assortment and we welcome your own design. Visit we recommend you come to my showroom to see more designs there are many so we can’t put all on the web.
  7. How is hand furnishing?
    • That is a kind of unglaze pot but using paint to wash for ancient or modern style depending on your need. Please visit my showroom for further information.
  8. Are Terracotta planters frost proof?
  9. Do Terracotta planters get moss opener?
    • Yes, they do after they are out a few months.
  10. Are Terrazzo planters heavy, hard?
    • yes, they are, but we also do the light ones visit at
  11. Are Zinc planters available?
    • No, they are not We do when we have got orders, no stock visit
  12. How do I place an order online?
    • Just simple if you order online visit my web site to fill in Contact form to make out which styles number are you interested in? you can use Microsoft office like excel, word, Open office… then email us at We will send you a quotation with details after checking every things is okay please let me know I will send you a PRO FORMA INVOICE base on it you will wire transfer deposit or open L/C we also send you confirmation for L/C, deposit as well.
  13. How do I place an order at your Company?
    • Generally looking, the way is same but you can face to products, choose more styles but before you meet us please let me know your scheldule and information about you.
  14. Can I buy a single item?
    • No, You can’t. We offer minimum order a container 20 foot.
  15. How are delivery terms and condition accepted?
    • we accept delivery at both FOB and CIF, FOB we don’t arrange sea freight cost, CIF we arrage sea freight cost to your port destination. For further information visit
  16. How is a deadline for a order?
    • Delivery time will be 60-70 depending on each orders
  17. How soon will my order arrive?
    • depending on your location, countries for example it takes 25-30 days on sea to United state of America, Canada, 7 days to Japan….
  18. Why I send email to you for inquries but I have no reply?
    • You should use business email like: (…@…net.etc) because some hosting offer free email like gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail….my email appliction assumes it is a junk mail. If you have business email from gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail it will be no problem.
  19. How many styles will I order for a container 40 foot?
    • You should have to be limit from 4 to 5 styles.
  20. Can I fill 15 styles for a container 40 foot or 20 foot?
    • No, you can’t. That is too many to produce.
  21. Can You recommend some good shipping lines?
    • Yes, I can. My company is willing do that.
  22. How is compensation for damages?
    • You should take photos to show problem if it is my faults we will refund a sum of those damages.
  23. How do I search item number on your website?
    • you can fill first letter conjoined number. For example, you want to look for outdoors you type the first letter BD then conjoined number 0054 into search field it is will be BD0054 you will see the result of it.
  24. Can I use my own excel sheet, word or other office applicant like open office to show my order?
    • Yes of course, you can, we welcome.
  25. Have you sold clearence stock?
    • Yes, we have sold them monthly.