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Note: Color must be variation as color chart below
All pots are made from hand-mould, raw clay and fired at 1250 degree in timber or dragon kiln but temperature in each chamber will alternate this make their color various. Normally plus or minus 10% tolerance is acceptable, the second element is material from different source in Vietnam such as Minerals which mixed glaze from the South, North, Middle are little bit different that also make their color various after firing. Looking color chart you will see that for example: Jade color some really jade but some little bit between blue and jade so some people call it falling jade...So when you place an order you should show us which tone of color is particular you are interested in. We will try my best to customize your need but we don't guarantee the 100% right color so the color is as it but variation.
Aqua variation
Vanilla ( Beige is the same) variation
Champagne variation
Curry variation
Orange variation
Plum variation
Wasabi variation
Black Copper variation
Light Blue variation
Blue variation
Sky Blue variation
Ocean Blue variation
Gray variation
Matte Black ( Pewter is the same) variation
Mảble Black ( Running Black is the same) variation
Jade ( Moss Green, Running Green ís the same) variation
Cappucino ( Running Brown is the same) variation
Kaffee variation
Yellow variation
Green variation
Sage variation
Emeral Green variation
Sand ( Ivory is the same) variation
Antique White ( White rubbed is the same) variation
Crackle White variation
Cognac (Brown is the same) variation
Red Wine ( Fire Red, Red Black are the same) variation
Sun Set variation
Vermillion variation
Atlantic Green
Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Red
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